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Mother, C'mon, Teach Your Little One to Like Exercise

Just like adults, children also need to exercise regularly, you know, Mother. However, the problem is children sometimes don't like it. Well, so that Little Kids love to exercise, Mother can apply the following tips. Not only good for health, exercise also provides many benefits for children, including making muscles and bones stronger, reducing the risk of obesity, improving mood, making sleep more soundly, increasing self-confidence, increasing concentration while studying, and maintaining fitness body. Tips for Children Like to Exercise Mother can apply the following tips so that your little one likes sports: 1. Introduce sports that are suitable for his age So that your child is interested in sports, introduce them to sports that are appropriate for their age. For example, for children under the age of 5, Mother can take him to play scooter, trampoline, walk, dance, or swim. As for children over the age of 5, the choices of sports they can do are cycling, running, bris
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Tips for Kids to Love Eating Vegetables and Fruits

Many mothers are overwhelmed when persuading their children to want to eat vegetables and fruits. In fact, if Mother knows how, it's not difficult to make children love eating vegetables and fruit. Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins, fiber, water, and low in fat. Besides containing a variety of nutrients that are good for growing and developing children, both types of food are also very easy to find and can be processed in many ways. But unfortunately, many children who do not like to eat vegetables and fruit. Tips for Children to Love Fruits and Vegetables Tired of cooking vegetables, eh, not touched at all by Little. Already shopping various types of fruit, not even tasted. Wow, if this is the case, Mother will be dizzy, right? In fact, fruits and vegetables must be in every child's diet. Apart from being healthy, fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber and vitamins can also prevent children from constipation and obesity, and prevent children from various chro

This is food for patients with swollen heart

Swollen heart in medical terms is known as cardiomegaly. If you experience it, then there are some restrictions for you, especially in terms of food. The following is an explanation of food for patients with swollen heart. A heart that does not pump blood effectively can cause congestive heart failure. This disease can cause a swollen heart. List of Foods for Swollen Heart Sufferers Generally, a swollen heart is caused by high blood pressure or coronary heart disease. But besides that, you also run the risk of having a swollen heart if you have congenital or congenital heart disease where the condition of heart abnormalities has occurred since birth, heart valve disease, and experiencing an abnormal heartbeat (arrhythmia). Although it can improve over time, most people who suffer from swollen hearts need a lifetime of treatment to cure it. If you experience this condition, you are advised to undergo a low salt diet. Salt or sodium (sodium) is a mineral and is found naturally in